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Great Instructors 

Close up of somone playing the guitar

At Los Angeles Music and Arts Academy, we strive to give you the best possible experience you have ever had.  We offer top level instructors, who come with degrees from top music schools, professional performing experience, and a passion for teaching.  Unlike many other music instruction services, we make sure our students start with a good foundation in music, including ear training and note reading.  This whole process is integrated within each lessons, and is fun, exciting, and extremely rewarding.

Customized Lessons

at Your Own Pace

We believe in a custom approach to teaching, and know that there is no "cookie cutter" method to learning music. We are aware that some students learn certain concepts faster than others, so we work with you to bring you to most optimum level of instruction possible.  With this in mind, our instructors don't use one method vs. another, but rather utilize all methods and bring their own professional background to teach each student at their own pace.  In addition we offer a specially customized program for adult students, that takes out all the frustration from learning an instrument, whether you are new, or returning to your instrument. 

Chopin Nocturne sheet music

Start Small, Start Slow

Musician Playing Keyboard

One of the questions we get asked all the time is, "I don't have a piano at home, how can I start piano lessons?"  While it is true that to take lessons at home, and even to be able to practice on your own, you will need an instrument.  However, you don't need to run out a buy an expensive piano.  In fact, the overwhelming majority of students start on a small, electronic keyboard that is inexpensive and perfect to start on.  The same of course, goes for a guitar.  A simple, inexpensive instrument is just fine to get started.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions about instruments, and what you will need to get started.

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